10 janeiro 2007

"They Say I Have a Free Choice", de Feminists For Life

"They say I have a free choice...

... but without housing on campus for me and my baby,
without on-site daycare,
without maternity coverage in my health insurance,
its sure doesn't feel like I have much of choice.

Feminists for Life believes that we should not feel forced to sacrifice our children for an education or a career.

If you would like to work on securing non-violent choices for women or need information on pregnancy resources, please contact us."

Encontrámos este poster, no Feminists For Life.

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At 21 janeiro, 2007 20:12, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Obviamente, não há escolha sem alternativa. Obrigado pelo blog, vou divulgar. Convido a uma visita ao meu. Obrigado.

E força!


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